Brad Felger - Falconer

I have a few blueberry bushes in my backyard. And I would love to eat the berries from them. I could make a pie… or sprinkle them on my kids’ cereal. Every year, however, I am somehow too slow on the uptake. One day I notice the berries turning slightly blue and the next time I think to check the fruit is all but decimated. I have fierce competition in the birds that swoop from above and consume them before I can pick enough for even a modest cobbler.

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Winged Predators Taking Flight for Crop Protection

San Luis Obispo County Farmer & Rancher Magazine

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The Lucky Ones

Animal Tracks Magazine
Name : Brad Felge

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Manufacturing Wine

The New York Times

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Wings Over the Vineyards

Paso Robles Gazette

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Grapes: Organic Production

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Clearing the Air

Santa Barbara News-Press

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Falcons in California Vineyards Protect the Grapes

From AG News You Can Use #13
By Amigo Cantisano

A Bird of Prey Keeps Vineyard Snackers Away
By Lynn Alley

It's that time of year that winegrowers dread: As their grapes approach peak ripeness, birds show up in droves in their vineyards for a feast.

Eagle Training to go Back to the Wild

North County Telegram-Tribune

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A Vineyard’s Winged Protectors

You may not know that falcons are sentinels -- watching over a number of our vineyards. John Blackstone has sent us a Dispatch from California Wine Country:


Falcon First Aid

San Luis Obispo County Telegram-Tribune

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